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 1-1 Coaching

My 1-1 Coaching is a DEEP DIVE. This is where you change your Mindsets, Limiting Beliefs, you create REAL change to your Relationship with yourself, your Mental Health, happiness, parenting and life. You come home to YOU, and finally take your power back! 

I hold you accountable, I support you, I hold space for you, I guide you, I help you understand yourself,  I Inspire and Empower you, I offer tools to support  you on your journey, I never judge. You are safe with me, you can be 100% yourself.

I offer 3 and 6 Months Coaching Packages, as well as a 2 Hour Session to gain awareness and clairty for your journey –  with a Free QFT Healing session included!

Investment – From $195

Schedule a Free Connection Call below to connect and chat about how I can support you on your Journey home to yourself.

Healing Birth Trauma Sessions

I am a qualified Healing Birth Practitioner and can offer support for you on your Healing Birth journey.
If you have experienced ANY kind of trauma around your birth/births – it does NOT matter how big that trauma was, all trauma deserves to be addressed and healed – this is for you.

These sessions can cover births that are recent, or from several years ago. I can help prepare you for another pregnancy and birth, after a traumatic one also.
These sessions are about 2-5 – 3 hours.
I offer a safe, judgement free environment, where you can share your story, we unpack it together and you leave feeling lighter, with tools and resources to continue your healing journey.

Investment $249

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