MY Foundations


Are you sick of living a MEH life, stuck in the groundhog day of your comfort zone and just, well, tolerating bullshit?

It’s time to take your power back and create a strong foundation, a strong inner world, so you can live an intentional, aligned, authentic life that YOU love.

Mindfully You Foundations is for you if you are ready to:

Release all the bullshit that doesn’t serve you and is cockblocking you from being your Authentic AF self.
Manage your Mind, so you can cultivate the right Mindset and Belief system to get the inner & outer reality you desire.

Take control of your life, undoing Societal & generational conditioning with disciplined, consistent, action taking – want it? It’s a LIFESTYLE and IDENTITY shift Babe, not a fucking quick fix, diet, or pill. 

This is YOUR LIFE, are you here for meh or WOW?

It’s all in YOUR hands, you are the CREATOR of your reality. 

If you are ready to feel fulfilled, aligned, deeply connected to yourself, joyful, grounded, vibrant, if you are ready to put yourself first, & live and intentional & aligned life – this is for you!

In this course I guide you to create YOUR dream life, through access to  rituals, practices, tools, wisdom, guidance & support. 

Go at your own pace, watch and re-watch anytime you need. 

If you’re  to take your overall Health & Wellbeing – Mind, Body & Soul, into your own hands, so you can live a Happy, Fulfilled, AUTHENTIC AF life you don’t need a break from – WTF you waiting for?! 

Mindfully You Foundations is a DIY Platform, a library full of foundational support for your Mental, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual Health.

    ♥ The Course is a mixture of Masterclasses, bite sized videos & written content.  

    ♥ There are 4 Core Modules: Written Foundations, Rituals & Practices, Masterclasses, Holistic Health & Wellbeing Foundations  

    ♥ Over 15 hours of content to set YOUR Health Foundations – Tap into whatever you need, whenever you need it! Watch and re-watch anytime. 

    ♥ Join my Private Facebook group to journey with like-minded Women – support is KEY!

  ♥ If you want a full break-down of what’s in each module DM me on Intsa, email me or hit the contact me button. 





Instant Access to the Course once you've purchased at the link above! I can't wait for you to set powerful Foundations for YOUR Authentic, Healthy AF Life!