I’m here to guide women back to themselves. To have you fall back in deep love and trust with yourself, with your intuition and your truth – to live and embody your authentic AF self!

I believe there are three key pillars that result in a woman being able to “live authentic AF”

Deeply healing the inner stuff & Manage your Mind (HEAL)

Deeply nourishing the body AND connecting to the body & womb (NOURISH)

Deeply connecting to yourself & YOUR tribe of Humans so you feel seen, heard valued & have a sense of belonging (CONNECTION)

THIS is the Sovereign Woman.

I’m not here to tell you what to do. 

You already know the answers. 

I’m here to support you to unleash the truth of who you are, to embrace ALL of yourself as a spiritually ambitious woman… so that you can unapologetically create the life that you want, BACKING yourself every step of the way!


MY Foundations


Mindfully You – Foundations is for those of you not ready to go ALL IN & work with me 1-1!

It is a DIY Platform for you to set YOUR Holistic Health Foundations – Mind, Body and Soul (Physically, Mentally, Emotionally, Spiritually) in your own time, laying the foundation for your Mind, Body, Soul upgrades!

In the DIY Platform you get instant access to:

    ♥ Over 15 hours of content, both written and in long and short video form

    ♥ Watch and re-watch anytime you need, Tap into the tools and rituals when you need on the spot guidance, nervous system calming etc  

    ♥ Access to my private Facebook group The Mindfully You Collective for a safe space to grow, with other like-minded Women – you are NOT alone! 

    ♥ This course will set the foundations in ALL areas of your life, lifetime access for just $222, this is a no brainer, full of content I have made with SO much love, knowing this will help you immeasurably on your life, health and personal growth journey!

  1:1  Coaching

Ready to Deep Dive into all your shit and come out the other end, confidently, your Authentic AF self, with tools, rituals, awareness, and a fire lit to live YOUR authentic AF life – Mind, Body and Soul? 

Let’s do it!

I offer 3 and 6 Month Coaching Packages. 

One session ain’t going to magically change your life, undo traumas, conditioning, limiting beliefs and fears you’ve had for decades Babe, don’t kid yourself. 

Changing your Mindset and life, takes TIME and effort. But, you don’t have to do it alone. 

I will be your guide as your journey to the depths of YOU and come out the other side, lighter, brighter, more free and with a passion for life – YOUR Authentic life!

 Sound Healing Ceremonies 

Alongside my own personal journey of Personal growth, healing traumas, shifting mindsets, ditching limiting beliefs & mind habits that no longer serve me is SOMATIC HEALING. 


Enter sound Healing, you can talk your face off and only get so far – sound, movement & other modalities help to shift & release stuck emotions in your body, sound reaches every cell and molecule in your body and is a POWERFUL tool to add to your healing & personal growth journey! 

I will be offering 1-1 Sound Journeys and Group Sound Ceremonies soon – watch this space!


 (QFT) Energy Healing

QFT is an Energy Healing modality that will change your life, like it has done mine! 

It incorporates NLP, EFT, Mysticism, and my authentic style of Intuitive Coaching & Energy Healing. 

We chat about what’s going on for you briefly, quickly get to the root issue then go deep within to heal and shift the energy on every level.