QFT or Quantum Freedom Therapy is an Energy Healing Modality that is going to AMPLIFY the shit out of your Coaching with me, your healing journey and just this human evolution journey of self


QFT combines EFT (Tapping), NLP, Conversational Hypnosis, Mysticism and my authentic AF flavour of Intuitive Coaching and Healing! I also incorporate different extras as I feel intuitively called, like sound healing, card pulling and more!

QFT Helps you to REALISE the cause of your disfunction, REMOVE the emotional attachment, and RE-SET the mental bio-system, to encourage self-healing, emotional balance and allow the freedom to simply BE YOU! 


QFT is safe and gentle, yet deeply powerful and transformative. 


QFT speaks to the MIND, the NERVOUS SYSTEM, and the EMOTIONAL BODY simultaneously – this is how it brings rapid and lasting, positive transformation! 

Quantum Freedom Therapy is all about setting you free from the very things that are holding you back from positive growth, and the life you dream of!

During your Sessions we will chat about what’s going on for you, we will uncover the root emotion & focus on that for our Session.

The session is fully guided by me & you will leave feeling lighter, clearer, more aligned & in love with yourself than ever before!

Sessions available in person & online, 

QFT cannot be put into words appropriately – it NEEDS to be EXPERIENCED!