What I Do

I empower Mums, who are struggling with the overwhelm of Motherhood. Who’s Mental Health is keeping them unhapy, unhealthy,negative, in-authentic and disconnected from themselves. Mamas who know what they want, how they want to FEEL, but don’t know where to start and how to get there. Mamas who are stressed, anxious, frustrated and sick of feeling like shit! Mamas who struggle with trying to do all the things, struggling with sleep deprivation and trying to figure out how to raise their child in a world of comparison, judgement and highlight reels.

I help you get clear, gain clarity on the life that you want to live – externally and internally. I hold space for you to be your authentic self, get to know who you are an embody that in all areas of your life. I provide tools and practices that suit YOU as an individual and YOUR family to optimise your Mental Health. I guide you to create Mindsets that align with you and let go of limiting beliefs. I Teach, I listen, I empower, I support, I guide, I hold space.

I do this through:

1-1 Mentoring

Group Mentoring

Beginners Mindfulness Courses

Bespoke Workshops & Webinars


Please reach out and connect with me, serving you is my passion!


Why I do What I do

I’ve been there. I used to be SO negative. I would think of the worst case scenarios, what could go wrong – always. I wasn’t being 100% authentic, I put others before myself, I wasn’t setting the boundaries I needed to, I wasn’t speaking my truth, I was super Stressed and super anxious, to the point it affected me physically.

I reached breaking point and went on my own personal journey of finding out who I was, of healing myself, Mind, Body and Soul.  A journey I will be on until the day I die.

When I became pregnant, I realised how little Mental and Emotional support there is for Mums through pregnancy, birth and postpartum. I struggled with postpartum anxiety, I battled with sleep deprivation, and trying to parent in a way that felt right for me, against a society that was telling me to do it a different way.

The immense shift in my mindset, my mood, my life, my relationships, my health, my parenting led me to talk about my journey, which led me to where I am today, helping YOU on your joruney.

My Methods

I tell it like it is. I call you on your bullshit, your excuses. If I didn’t you’d stay the same. I don’t judge, I don’t tell you what to do. I guide, I support, I listen, I ask questions, I hold space.

I help and guide YOU to do the work, because this is YOUR journey and you must be the driver.

I pride myself on my honesty and I tell every client, Mental Health is not a diet, it’s not a pill, it’s not a quick fix. It’s a Lifestyle. It’s daily work. It can take time, patience, it can be uncomfortable.

But it’s fucking worth it to be able to be your authentic, happy self and live a life you love!

Some of you may not be ready to do the uncomfortable work of facing your inner demons, others will be chomping at the bit to get started – if that’s you, your my people, let’s create magic!

My Goals

I want to reduce the suicide rate in NZ.

I want to normalise the conversations around everyday Mental Health and everyday Motherhood.

I want to prevent as many women as possible from experiencing Postnatal Depression or Anxiety.

I want to Empower as many Women as possible to take control of their Mental Health, and their lives.

I want Mums to know that it is ok to ask for help and support, that doing their best is always enough, and that they CAN live a happy, positive, authentic life!

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