About Me

I’m Sarah,

Mum to Dylan who is 2 and Alyssa who is 6 Weeks old. Alyssa was conceived after a Miscarriage. I live in Dunedin, NZ with my beautiful babies and my partner, Dan.

I love all things Health and Wellness, I love vegetables, being in nature, rock music and swearing.

I am passionate as FUCK about empowering Women to take control of their Mental Health, their lives, to live Authentically and to love themselves, Mind, Body and Soul.

I hit a wall in my mid-twenties, unhappy, not being my authentic self, working jobs I hated, drowning in negativity, stress, stuck in victim land.

My journey began when I left New Zealand in 2014, alone, with a two year working Visa for the UK. For the first time in my life I was free to do what I wanted, when I wanted. I began exploring things that interested me, practised self-care, worked on my health, mental and physical.

The changes in my life, my relationships, my mental health, were so life-changing I began to share them. The more I delved into my own journey, the more I shared with others, the more results I got, the more passionate I got.

For years I shared my journey, I studied everything I could find about Coaching, Mental Health, Mindset, Mindfulness, before finally in 2018 – (when I was pregnant, no less!), launching my business Mindfully You. I began Coaching Women, which has led me to where I am today Mentoring Mums, Speaking, Hosting events and Retreats, Writing, Teaching Mindfulness, Creating bespoke Workshops, hosting Womens Circles, and normalising the conversations around everyday Mental Health and Motherhood.

I shifted to focus specifically on Mums, as being 2 years into this journey, I know how hard it is. The pressure, the overhwhelm, the sleep deprivation, the judgement, the comparision…..the list goes on! I realised on my own postpartum journey, that there is  HUGE gap for Mental and Emotional support for Mothers.  If I can help just one Mum feel less alone, feel like they can be their authentic selves, feel safe to ask for help, understand themselves inside & out,  feel like it’s ok to parent in a way that feels good to them, whether or not that is different from the majority of society or not, I’m a success.

I am so passionate about opening up the converations that society says are taboo, or tells us to keep quiet.

I recently navigated a miscarriage and I have shared my experience, because it is such a common event, such a traumatic event, yet most women deal with it alone, because society says not to share your pregnancy until the second trimester. I have been sharing my journey through my pregnancy with Alyssa and my transition to Mother of 2. 

I hope I inspire you, motivate you, empower you and give you strength to live a life you love, internally and externally.

Thanks for hanging out in my corner of the web, I really appreciate it!

Please reach out if you have any questions.

Sarah x

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Connect with me here:

Email: hello@mindfullyyou.nz

Phone: 02041388696

Facebook: @mindfullyyouwithsarah

Instagram: @mindfullyyou_

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