Boundaries Masterclass!

In this Potent Masterclass, you will learn:
How Boundaries and self-esteem are linked
What a Boundary is 
The Benefits of Boundaries 
How to set and uphold Boundaries 
Why you suck at setting Boundaries and what to do about it and tons more! 
This is a DEEP chat about all things Boundaries, the blocks and triggers and trauma’s behind them (People Pleasing much?!) and how you can understand yourself more, and start setting and upholding Boundaries TODAY! 

Manage Your Mind Masterclass

In this Masterclass, you will learn how to:
♥ Be aware of your Limiting beliefs, Conditioning, traumas, Your Inner Critic, your victim story, the habits & mindsets that keep you stuck & small
♥ How to shift and change these habits, mindsets & conditionings to serve your Mental Health & growth positively 
♥ How to Ditch People Pleasing, set Boundaries, look after your energy and Mental Health 
♥ Figure out who it is you are, accept & embody the REAL you, & live your authentic life, confidently. 
♥ How to be more Mindful & how to tune into your intuition & instincts & let them guide you
♥ How to stay motivated, how to move past “failure” or dropping the ball, how to ask for help and communicate your needs 

Self  Sabotage Masterclass

Do you REALLY TRULY feel your feelings, emotions and body? Or do you self-sabotage, ignore, distract with tv, social media, drugs etc?

♥ Let’s dig deep

♥ Let’s be honest

♥ Let’s get real


♥ Put yourself FIRST.

♥ Make YOU a priority.

Slowly wean off those self-destructive behaviours. Slowly begin to listen to your body, FEEL your body, listen and accept your feelings and emotions. It’s ok to feel. We heal by feeling.ACCEPT yourself for who you are, NOW. QUIET your mind when you can. Feel your BREATH. Truly LIVE.