Do you Struggle with Guilt, Mama?

I feel guilty when I ask my partner to have a turn trying to settle our teething son.

I feel guilty when my son hurts himself.

I feel guilty when I leave my sons nappy on for longer than I should.

I feel guilty for wanting time to myself.

I feel guilty for not knowing what my son wants or needs sometimes.

I feel guilty when I work on my business from home.

I feel guilty when I work on my business away from home.

I feel guilty when I am away from my son, for any reason.

So. Much. Guilt.

I can’t stop it!

Mum guilt is INTENSE.

That connection with my child is SO POWERFUL.

I’ve accepted the fact that I will feel guilty about all the things – big or small.

So, instead of trying to never feel guilty, which I feel is a loosing battle, I choose to be aware, I choose to recognise those familiar feelings of guilt, when they arise.

When I become aware of those feelings, I can put them into perspective, I can be kind to myself.

I can remind myself that time to myself is IMPERATIVE for my Mental Health, and for me to be able to show up as the best version of me that I can, for me, and for my son.

When these feelings arise, I check in with myself and remind myself that I am showing my son that it is important to look after yourself, to have your own interests, to do things you love, to share the load – that it’s ok to ask for help, because while I can do ANYTHING, I can’t do EVERYTHING.

Guilt is a part of my Motherhood journey so far, but it doesn’t consume me, it doesn’t stop me from doing what I need and want to do.

I understand WHY I feel this guilt – I want the best for my son, as his Mother, the connection is so deep, I feel so responsible for his needs, his well being. But, I can still give him my everything while making mistakes, while taking time out for me, while exploring my passions, while socialising, while building my business.

Guilt is just a feeling, an emotion, it’s not who I am.

Do you struggle with Guilt Mama?

Sarah x

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