I swear like a Mofo, I have tattoos and piercings, I often dye my hair bright colours, and every damn day I wake up and decide how I wanna show up and LIVE!

I’m a Mama of two little ones, I love travelling, I’m obsessed with food (Plantbased Family baby!), I love learning about the body & mind, I’m obsessed with helping Women take back their power & tune back into their intuition, I love rock music, getting out in nature and talking about deep shit for hours. 

I was living a meh life, I was experiencing debilitating physical pain, doing the same shit and getting the same results. Stuck in a cycle of not being my fully expressed, authentic self, dulling my shine, playing small, numbing out, rife critical self-talk, staying in jobs and relationships that did not serve me, anxiety was high, easily stressed and worried, I would always think of what could go wrong, the worst case scenario and it was bloody depressing to live so negatively in my mind, and my life. 

In close succession I broke up with my long-term Partner who didn’t want the same things as me, got made redundant from the corporate job I hated. As well as getting sick of my own shit, I decided that I was done and I was gonna do ME.

 I got a two year working visa for the UK, sold my shit, packed a bag and left New Zealand to travel the world, live and work solo. 

Long story short I went DEEP on working on myself, unpacking and healing my shit, trying new things, failing and getting back up, learning, practising, expanding, breaking down and having a shit ton of fun. 

I was seeing such incredible personal transformation that I started sharing it online with Family and friends, then I decided to make it my job – and here I am! 

I no longer am plagued by physical pain, I manage my Mind daily, I attracted my dream man, I have two beautiful kids, I travel when I can, and I have created a business where I get to help others and shape and choose how I do that!

I’m still evolving, learning and growing and I share my journey with you along the way #keepingitreal. 


In 2022 we got the life-changing news my Partner and kids Daddy has stage 4 Bowel Cancer, after a brutal 7 month battle, he passed away in June 2023, I am navigating the BIGGEST challenge of my life, grieving my Partner who I thought I’d be with forever & adjusting to life as a Solo Mum of 2 – which you can see in real time as I navigate it in MY authentic way!

I’m here to Fuck shit up! I’m here to be Authentic AF, live from my body, my intuition and higher self – not my ego, not in my head, I’m here to blow up the labels and boxes society tried to tame us into, I’m here to speak my truth, smash taboo’s and normalise all aspects of what it is to be a human! I’m here to help YOU do all this too, in only the way YOU can! 

Welcome to the beginning of your Authentic AF life!

Sarah xx