Hey you! 1-1 Cancer Coaching is coming soon!
In the mean time you can purchase my Course – Mindfully You, Foundations, or book a  1-1 QFT Energy Healing & Intuitive Coaching Session x


In November 2021, my Partner, and Father of my two young kids, was diagnosed with Stage 4 Bowel Cancer with Peritoneal Disease. To say this rocked our world, and changed our entire lives overnight is an understatement!
Through this journey, supporting him, the kids, myself, being a go-to for his Family in the UK, I’m learning alot about how to navigate this journey authentically, and in a way that I am also looking after myself – so I can best support everyone.  

 I have felt drawn to support other support people as they navigate supporting their loved one through Cancer. This journey is multifaceted and it is relentless, immense, overwhelming and many just don’t understand what it’s like!

I understand what you are going through and I am here to support you! 

 I combine my skills of real-life experience, Mindfulness, Healing and Coaching to support you on this journey. 

Working with me you will: 

  Understand yourself, including what you need, want and how to communicate those needs and give those things to yourself, while supporting your kids & loved ones needs too.

  Feel lighter, brighter, clearer, motivated and empowered to travel this journey in YOUR Authentic AF way, knowing it will be up & down & you CAN navigate through it all. 

  Have a toolbox of tools, rituals and practices that work for YOU to use daily to manage your mind, stay calm & grounded – & also use to support your loved one. 

  Know how to regulate your nervous system, manage stress, anxiety and overwhelm & shift limiting beliefs, Mindsets & conditioning to find the best way for YOU & your loved one to navigate the biggest journey of your life yet! 

  Understand what in your life is working, what is not, and what action you need to take to address the people, situations and circumstances that are not serving you on this journey, because it’s overwhelming enough right?! 

  Face fears, build resilience.

  Watch your relationships and life flourish as you step further and further into your truth. 

  Tune into your intuition and instincts and TRUST YOURSELF. 

  Heal traumas, move and shift stagnant energy and emotions that are stuck in your body. 

  So much more! There are endless benefits to this work, starting with you and having a ripple effect on everyone around you. 

Sessions are via Zoom, book below! 

Cancer Coaching Initial Session (90 mins)

Cancer Coaching follow up Session (50 mins)