Sound as a tool for healing, de-stressing, releasing what doesn’t serve you, restoring balance to your body and nervous system is underrated, and I am here to change that! 

 Sometimes you don’t wanna “talk it out” but need something to help shift stored Traumas and Emotions, relax your body and mind, release, while also receiving. 

This is where Sound Ceremonies/Journeys come in!


 I offer 1-1- and Group (online and in person In Christchurch, NZ) Sound Healing Ceremonies/Journeys. 

 I use various instruments to take you on a Journey – whatever journey you are supposed to go on in that moment. 

Sound vibrations from various instruments penetrate deep into your cells and tissue, therefore profound results can be experienced, from deep relaxation to releasing stuck and stagnant energy and emotions. 

This is your opportunity to relax, and let the sound do it all for you, while being open to release what no longer serves you, and be open to what you will receive on the journey. 
Sound Healing Journeys/Ceremonies support your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.