Sarah Noble, aka the mind alchemist, is passionate about empowering mothers to live life as their most authentic self.

She set off to find herself and learn the tools that would enable her to work though her own anxiety and life struggles and in turn use these experiences to help others.

In this podcast we chat about how Sarah came to specialise working with mothers, healing birth trauma and the varying modalities she uses to create a somatic experience for her clients. 

We chat mindfulness, conditioning, limiting self beliefs & Mum things…


Episode 22 is all about mental health and motherhood, featuring Sarah Noble of Mindfully You, for our final episode of Mental Health Awareness Month. Take a listen now!
Sarah is a mindset coach who helps moms with young kids to manage their mind, ditch victimhood and people pleasing, unravel and heal trauma and limiting beliefs, figure out who they are and guide them to accept, embrace and fully embody their authentic AF self!!!! 
She’s passionate about all things motherhood and mental health, and speaking about taboo and stigmatized conversations, so I knew she would be the perfect guest to have on my podcast.



Have you heard of the Quantum Freedom Technique? No? Well, QFT combines the methods of EFT, NLP and Conversational Hypnosis. And if you’re still unsure, have a listen to this episode! 
Straight talking Life Coach and ‘authentic af’, Sarah Noble takes us deep into the modality of the Quantum Freedom Technique & how she incorporates this new modality into her Life Coaching. 


I love the diversity of the women and community around me and I found this episode with Sarah incredibly refreshing.
It is so evident the deep deep work she has done in her own self as it shines out of her courage, her rawness, authenticity and honesty and facing the fear way of doing life and business! Sarah from @mindfullyyouwithsarah (instagram) is a real as you can get! Mindset coach, Accredited Mindfulness Teacher, Birth Trauma Practitioner, QFT Energy Healer to be, Sarah
is deeply passionate about facing your fears head on and dealing with the root causes of what holds us back so we can lead more authentic, fulfilled and happier lives.
Sarah shares her own personal journey of Mindfulness and how that has paved the way to her coaching business unfolding.