My 1-1 Coaching is DEEP DIVE, for those of your who are TRULY READY to let go of all the drama, the limiting beliefs, the resentment, the societal and generational conditioning. You are FULLY ready to step ALL the way into your truth, your Authentic self, that you are afraid to be, you are willing to do WHATEVER it takes, to live YOUR life, on YOUR terms, and you need space to be held while you unpack all your shit, without being judged, and are offered practical and mystical guidance, rituals, tools & practices that WORK, as long as YOU put in the CONSISTENT EFFORT between calls – this is how you get the long-term, life-changing results.  By showing up for our sessions & doing the work, you will start getting the  results you’ve been dreaming of to forge ahead with living YOUR life to it’s fullest, juiciest capacity.

 I have been where you are. I know how it feels to feel STUCK, to keep getting the same results, to feel stuck in fear, the people pleasing, the limiting beliefs, the conditioning, the resentment for not being you and speaking your truth, the unfelt and unhealed traumas, emotions and feelings you aren’t sure how to deal with. 

I understand what you are going through and I am here to support you! For me, there is no better experience than LIVED experience, I come from a place of true, lived learning, alongside my natural gifts and education on all things Mindfulness, Sound and Energy Healing and Coaching. 

 I combine my skills of real-life experience, Mindfulness, Healing and Coaching to support you on this journey. 

Working with me you will: 

  Understand yourself, including what you need, want and how to communicate those needs and give those things to yourself, while supporting your kids & loved ones needs too.

  Feel lighter, brighter, clearer, motivated and empowered to travel this journey in YOUR Authentic AF way, knowing it will be up & down & you CAN navigate through it all. 

  Have a toolbox of tools, rituals and practices that work for YOU to use daily to manage your mind, stay calm & grounded. 

  Know how to regulate your nervous system, manage stress, anxiety and overwhelm & shift limiting beliefs, Mindsets & conditioning! 

  Understand what in your life is working, what is not, and what action you need to take to address the people, situations and circumstances that are not serving you on this journey, of life! 

  Face fears, build resilience.

  Watch your relationships and life flourish as you step further and further into your truth. 

  Tune into your intuition and instincts and TRUST YOURSELF. 

  Heal traumas, move and shift stagnant energy and emotions that are stuck in your body. 

  So much more! There are endless benefits to this work, starting with you and having a ripple effect on everyone around you. 

Sessions are via Zoom, book below! 

3 Month Coaching Package
Fortnightly 50 minute Zoom calls & Voxer message access Mon-Thurs

6 Month Coaching Package
Fortnightly 50 minute Zoom calls & Voxer message access Mon-Thurs