This is where you and I go DEEP Queen! We peel back the layers to find the root cause of your fears, limiting beliefs, the Mindsets and habits that aren’t serving you, the traumas that are fucking with you. The whole shebang. 


 We set a foundation, we understand, and then we build from there, taking ACTION, creating new beliefs and Mindsets, healing traumas, facing fears, and finding the right tools, rituals and lifestyle for YOU. 

You figure out who the fuck you REALLY are, underneath all the conditioning from your parents as a child, your peers, and society.

Eventually, you will be living YOUR authentic AF life. That life you dream of, but think you can’t have. 

You can baby, and I’m here to guide you there!

 No cookie-cutter, one size fits all Coaching here – I treat you as an individual and tailor my Coaching intuitively in real-time to your set of circumstances. 

If you want a quick fix, I am NOT your girl. 

If you want to whinge and take no action, I am NOT your girl. 

If you want to create LASTING, LIFE-ALTERING results that are frankly, priceless. This is for you. 

If you are willing to do WHATEVER IT TAKES to get to where you want to be. This is for you. 

 I combine my skills of real-life experience, Mindfulness, Healing and Coaching to cover the mind, body and soul. 

Working with me you will: 

  Understand yourself, including what you need, want and how to communicate those needs and give those things to yourself. 

  Feel lighter, brighter, clearer, motivated and empowered to travel your golden path and step closer towards your Authentic AF life every day. 

  Have a toolbox of tools, rituals and practices that work for YOU to use daily to manage your mind, and to pull out when life hands you a shit sandwich. 

  Know how to regulate your nervous system, manage stress, anxiety and overwhelm & shift limiting beliefs, Mindsets & conditioning that are cockblocking you from living your Authentic AF, fulfilled life. 

  Understand what in your life is working, what is not, and what action you need to take to address the people, situations and circumstances that are not serving you.  

  Face fears, build resilience.

  Watch your relationships and life flourish as you step further and further into your truth. 

  Tune into your intuition and instincts and TRUST YOURSELF. 

  Heal traumas, move and shift stagnant energy and emotions that are stuck in your body. 

  So much more! There are endless benefits to this work, starting with you and having a ripple effect on everyone around you. 

 If you are finally ready to do what it takes to live your best life, Mind, Body & Soul, grab a package & let’s do this!

3 MONTH COACHING PACKAGE - 6x 50 Minute zoom calls, Voxer access between sessions & 2x Free QFT Healing Sessions included!

6 MONTH COACHING PACKAGE - 12x 50 Minute Zoom calls, Voxer access between sessions & 4x Free QFT healing Sessions Included!