Welcome to my world Mofo! I’m Sarah, Mind Alchemist, Healer, Mama of 2, and badass, Authentic AF Mindset Queen! I’m here to unlock YOUR inner badass so you can Manage your Mind, ditch all the bullshit that is holding you back from living the authentic AF life you dream about! Wanna upgrade your mind to upgrade your life? I got you Queen! 


I’m here to guide women back to themselves. To have you fall back in deep love and trust with yourself, with your intuition and your truth – to live and embody your authentic AF self!

I believe there are three key pillars that result in a woman being able to “live authentic AF”

Deeply healing the inner stuff & Managing your Mind (HEAL)

Deeply nourishing the body AND connecting to the body & womb (NOURISH)

Deeply connecting to yourself & YOUR tribe of Humans so you feel seen, heard valued & have a sense of belonging (CONNECTION)

THIS is the Sovereign Woman.

I’m not here to tell you what to do. 

You already know the answers. 

I’m here to support you to unleash the truth of who you are, to embrace ALL of yourself as a spiritually ambitious woman… so that you can unapologetically create the life that you want, BACKING yourself every step of the way!



Are you ready to release all the bullshit that doesn’t serve you & is cockblocking you from being your Authentic AF self? Are you ready to Manage your Mind, Take control of your life & undo Societal & Generational Conditioning? Do you want to create YOUR dream life full of rituals, Tools & fulfilling practices – all in your Own time? 

Then, Mindfully You – Foundations is for you! 

Mindfully You Foundations is a DIY Platform, full of bite-sized Videos, Longer Form Videos & Masterclasses, written content & downloadable PDF’s – all to do in your own time, in whatever order you want!

    ♥ Masterclasses, bite sized videos from Tapping, to QFT, to Meditations, Visualisations, wisdom, guidance, Rituals & tools!, and SO MUCH MORE! 

    ♥ Written content & downloadable PDF’s, including an introductions to the Chakras & how to balance them, Affirmations, Journal Prompts & more  

    ♥ New content added Monthly! 

    ♥ No pressure or time frame, tap into whatever you need in any moment! 

 Mindfully You 1:1 Coaching

This is where you and I go DEEP Queen! We peel back the layers to find the root cause of your fears, limiting beliefs, the Mindsets and habits that aren’t serving you, the traumas that are fucking with you. The whole shebang. 
We set a foundation, we understand, and then we build from there, taking ACTION, creating new beliefs and Mindsets, healing traumas, facing fears, and finding the right tools, rituals and lifestyle for YOU. 
You figure out who the fuck you REALLY are, underneath all the conditioning from your parents as a child, your peers, and society. Eventually, you will be living YOUR authentic AF life. That life you dream of, but think you can’t have. 
You can baby, and I’m here to guide you there! 

 Quantum Freedom Therapy 

QFT or Quantum Freedom Therapy is an Energy Healing Modality that is going to AMPLIFY the shit out of your Coaching with me, your healing journey and just this human evolution journey of self!
QFT is included in my Coaching packages, or you can just do QFT Enegry Healing with me – click the button below to learn more about QFT & grab a package or a single Sesh!
QFT combines EFT (Tapping), NLP, Conversational Hypnosis, Mysticism and my authentic AF flavour of Intuitive Coaching and Healing! I also incorporate different extras as I feel intuitively called to, like sound healing, card pulling and more!

 Birth Trauma Healing Sessions 

ALL trauma deserves to be addressed and healed! I am a qualified, Healing Birth Practitioner and can offer support for you on your Healing Birth journey.
If you have experienced ANY kind of trauma around your birth/births – it does NOT matter how big that trauma was, all trauma deserves to be addressed and healed – this is for you.
These sessions can cover births that are recent, or from several years ago. I can help prepare you for another pregnancy and birth after a traumatic one also.

I offer a safe, judgement-free environment (as with all my containers!), where you can share your story, we unpack it together and you leave feeling lighter, with tools and resources to continue your healing journey.